The users can check their Chase11 account balance by clicking at the Wallet option available at the bottom of their screen. After clicking on the Wallet option click on the My recent Transaction for a detailed account balance and most recent transactions on Chase11.

The users can add money to their Chase11 account by using various transaction methods such as Debit Card, Credit Card, Net banking and different wallets. If the users have any query regarding adding money to their wallet they can reach out to us via our Contact Us page

You don’t need to do anything special; we’ll take care of this during the payment process. & ensure you have a hassle-free experience.

Chase11 sends you a confirmation email to your registered email address along with an Order No. or a Transaction Id of your transaction.

This usually happens when there is a delay in communication among the parties involved in the transaction primarily from the bank’s end. In such an event the users can reach out to us via our Contact Us page with the screenshot of their card/bank statement affirming that there has been a deduction from the user’s card so that we can check and assist the users with their concerns and queries.

The account balance of your Chase11 will be updated immediately after you have made a deposit to your account. In case the balance in your Chase11 account is not updated immediately reach out to us via our Contact Us page.

The cash bonus offered by Chase11 can be defined as an amount awarded to the users by Chase11 under various schemes and promotions. In addition, the users can receive a cash bonus when they join Chase11 for the first time or under promotional schemes of Chase11.

In case you are carrying out a transaction on Chase11 and your transaction fails due to certain circumstances and the amount is deducted from your bank account but is not added to your account. In such case please contact the payment gateway you had used for carrying out the transaction. The transaction failure amounts are to be refunded by the payment gateways as we do not receive any payments in case of transaction failure.