Blind play is option where you do not have to select player by name. You can select player by number. Once you select your 11 number according to their position from both team then you have to select captain and vice captain for your team. Once match get finish player will be displayed automatically against your number as per scorecard position where they have been perform live on ground.

In Blind play there is no player wise credit. We will provide 100 credits to select 11 players from both team. You have to maintain credit same as you do in regular play.

Select from any 3 from credit 11.5, 10.5,10 from both team.
Select any 4 from 9 credits from both teams.
Select any 2 from 7.5 credits from both teams.
Select ant 2 from 8.5 credits from both teams.
You can also select player by your own idea but in 100 credits.

In blindplay option your all 11 player going to play and you do not need to waste your time to know about player and do not need to waste time for playing 11 lineups. This feature can save your time and you do not need to watch again and again, you only have to relax and enjoy the match.

It is updating once the match gets completed. All player will be shown against your number according to live scorecard.