The users can avail the services offered by Chase11 and play contest(s) organized on Chase11 by simply registering/logging into their account. In order to play and avail the services provided, the user needs to follow these simple steps:

* Register/Login to Chase11

* Select the match you want to join and then click on the ‘Create New Team’ button for creating your team

* Create your team of 11 players (including a Captain & Vice-captain) within an allocated virtual budget of 100 credit points choosing from all the players in the match

* Join free or cash contests of your choice. Cash contests let you win cash and require an entry fee, for which we provide multiple payment methods such as Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net banking, and different wallet services.

* After the beginning of the match your team is awarded points on the basis of the on-field performance of your selected players. Final points, ranks, and winners are declared after the end of the match

Creating a team on Chase11 is very simple, the user can create his/her team by selecting the match he/she wants to join and then clicking on the “Create New Team” option available under “My Teams” section. The user can then create his/her team by selecting 11 players (including Captain and Vice-Captain) from the individuals playing in the match within the given virtual budget of 100 credit points.

Yes, the user needs to create a new team for every match on Chase11.

In an event wherein one of your selected players is included in the match but does not play, then your team will not be awarded any points.

In order to create a team, the user requires 11 players wherein there must be at least 3 bowlers, 3 batsmen, 1 all-rounder & 1 wicket-keeper.

No, the users cannot choose players from one team only. They are allowed to choose a maximum of 7 players only from a single team. The remaining players should be selected from the other side.

Chase11 allows the users to create their team within a virtual budget of 100 credit points only. Thus, the user must use the provided credits efficiently for selecting all the players of the team within the given budget of 100 credit points only.

The Captain of a team can help the user in earning extra points. The player chosen as the Captain of the user’s team is awarded 2 times the original points whereas the Vice-captain of the team is awarded 1.5 times the original points according to their on-field performance.

The users are allowed to make multiple changes in their team but prior the deadline of the match. In addition, the changes made by the users are modified and reflected instantly.

The users are not permitted to create or edit their teams during the round. The users are only allowed to make all the changes prior to the deadline, which is usually before the start time of the match.

The users can create multiple teams only after creating their first team. The users can create another team by clicking on “Create New Team” option. The user can additionally create a new team by cloning his/her previous team via the “Clone” option available on the My Teams page.

Chase11 allows the users to create a maximum of 6 separate teams for a single match.

In an event wherein the contest displays “Multiple Entry,” a user can join the same contest using a maximum of 6 teams otherwise the user is allowed to join one contest with one team only. The user can identify a “Multiple Entry” contest through an “M” sign embarked on the contest.

The users are allowed to choose their team in a contest (Choose Team 1 or Team 2 to compete) from the ‘Joined contests’ tab until the deadline.